• Instead of buildings that are less likely to give you cancer, how about buildings that can't give you cancer? Instead of buildings that produce less pollution than the average building, how about a building that produces no pollution?
    Jason McLennan
    International Living Future Institute
  • The world’s most primitive building material – earth – is being used to create some of our most advanced homes
  • Although it has been around for millennia, rammed-earth construction—layers of gravel and soil, compacted into solid walls—is getting a luxury makeover. Devotees laud the low maintenance and energy efficiency of their earthen walls—and can wax poetic when describing their artisanal appeal
    Wall Street Journal
  • Join us as we create the first ever triple net-zero status (energy, water and waste) housing community across Africa.


In an era of rising concern for our environmental future, rammed earth walling can offer load bearing strength, low embodied energy and very high thermal mass. Well designed rammed earth buildings reduce heating and cooling costs. Read more about rammed earth and what AsaDuru is doing here.



There happens to be an infinite power source in the sky that shows up every morning. We believe that we should use it. We also believe in reusing our waste to create biogas. Read more about renewable energy and what AsaDuru is doing here.


We believe wastewater is a valuable resource that should be reused for uses such as irrigation and fertilizers, or simply just be treated for the sake of protecting the environment. Read more about what AsaDuru is doing within wastewater treatment here.



With water becoming a more and more scarce resource, it is important to harness the water falling on our heads. This is why rainwater harvesting is such an important part of our communities. Read more about what AsaDuru is offering together with our partner Climate Inc., here.

Asase Ye Duru

The name AsaDuru comes from the Adinkra saying "Asase Ye Duru", which means "The Earth is Powerful". That is what we at AsaDuru want to do, empower people using the Earth.

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