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Rammed earth.
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The next-generation low-impact rammed earth home,
holistically net zero.


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Earth Structures Group.

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  • The Sustainability Medal - 2011 Award for Excellence in Concrete

    The Port Philip Estate Winery also awarded the Sustainability Medal by the Concrete Institute of Australia for advances in sustainable use of concrete. It defines structural and cladding elements with its utilisation of low cementitious rammed earth construction. What is remarkable about the winery is that there is mechanical reduced heating and cooling costs. This is all because of the excellent thermal mass function of concrete and low cementitious rammed earth.

    The Sustainability Medal - 2011 Award for Excellence in Concrete




The name AsaDuru comes from the Adinkra saying “Asase Ye Duru”, which means “The Earth is Powerful”. That is what we want to do, using the Earth to empower all of us. We're Rammed Earth Construction Specialists in South Africa.