Say hi to NZero.

The Net Zero home that uses its own water, energy and wastewater and is built using local natural materials.
The Net Zero home that looks as beautiful as it feels.


NZero. Sustainability made easy.

We take care of all magic below, integrated in one package.

Rammed earth

Bring bold aesthetics into a living environment. We deliver high-quality rammed earth walls in an exclusive partnership with the multi-award winning Australia-based Earth Structures Group, world-leading in rammed earth with a track record of 1,300+ projects.

Rammed earth is not only one of the most sustainable building materials available today, it also has this powerful elegance to it and do not need any finishing.

Solar energy

There happens to be an infinite power source in the sky that shows up every morning. We believe we should use it. NZero is self-sufficient in energy, powered by the sun. It sounds pretty cool right? So does a reduced electricity bill, going completely off-grid, blackout protection, a more conscious energy consumption and a more conscious carbon footprint.

Wastewater treatment

We believe wastewater is a valuable resource that should be reused for irrigation and fertilisers, or simply just be treated for the sake of protecting our environment.

We deliver the Swedish experts Qarex of Sweden's famous TreeWell system, which is based on principles of closed-loop nutrient cycles and natural food webs. Low energy consumption, practically maintenance-free, naturally sludge-free and A-class treated water quality.

Rainwater harvesting

The NZero home is enjoying the luxury of having its water supply coming from the water falling on its roof, which also is of importance as water is becoming a more and more scarce resource. In a household where rainwater only is used for toiletflushing, laundry and garden, the main water requirement can be reduced to 70%. However, if the water is purified for potable use, the requirement can be reduced to 85%.


Greywater system

The greywater recycling system in NZero treats water used in kitchen appliances, showers and basins for re-use. In homes with conventional flush toilets, grey water makes up about much as 65% of total wastewater produced by the household. Therefore, we separate grey water and blackwater as grey water is easier to treat and recycle.

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& Yes, the walls are rammed earth.



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