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We are a specialist modern rammed earth builder in South Africa.


Aesthetically elegant and robust

Here's a few reasons why you should switch to rammed earth...

This is how we do it.

Packing a carefully chosen earth mix layer-by-layer within a formwork.



This is what people say.

  • Award for Structural Engineering Excellence

    In 2011, Earth Structures was awarded this prestigious award for structural engineering excellence for our work on the Port Phillip Estate Winery, located in Red Hill, Victoria.

    Judges noted the ‘flowing design theme with contextual sensitivity; the perfect blend of ancient and modern technology with well-considered detailing. A masterful solution for a modern winemaking facility, well fitted to its environment.’

    Award for Structural Engineering Excellence
    Institution of Structural Engineers
  • Nick Heyward, Director

    We really enjoyed working with the boys from Earth Structures. They were fantastic to deal with and have an extensive knowledge of their craft. They worked really well with all the various trades involved in this project with excellent results.

    I have heard and seen some horror attempts at stabilised rammed earth walls done by other companies. As it is a finished product that will always enhance a property it is important to get it right the first right time.

    The Earth Structures guys are the absolute experts and I would not risk using anyone else.

    Nick Heyward, Director
    Heyward Construction
  • The Sustainability Medal - 2011 Award for Excellence in Concrete

    The Port Philip Estate Winery also awarded the Sustainability Medal by the Concrete Institute of Australia for advances in sustainable use of concrete. It defines structural and cladding elements with its utilisation of low cementitious rammed earth construction. What is remarkable about the winery is that there is mechanical reduced heating and cooling costs. This is all because of the excellent thermal mass function of concrete and low cementitious rammed earth.

    The Sustainability Medal - 2011 Award for Excellence in Concrete
  • Paul Spinks

    We specialise in building interesting architectural residential projects throughout North East Victoria. We have built several rammed earth places over the past 15 years with Earth Structures Group. We have appreciated their advice and efforts to make each job a success. We love the product and I plan to one day build my own rammed earth home.

    Paul Spinks
    Profile Developments Builders
  • Mathew Kirley

    We have worked on eight Earth Structures buildings now and are about to start the ninth! We work to very high standards and share a positive relationship with the company. We value their help in the design process as well as their work ethic. They have been in the business for thirty years and know their stuff backwards. I like the material so much we built our own house using Earth Structures and love it.

    Mathew Kirley
    Mathew Kirley Builders
  • Christian Ohalloran, Architect

    Designing buildings using new products and technologies can be daunting and exciting at once. Over the past eight years we have used rammed earth in many of our buildings. We find the material lends a tactile beauty to interiors and a humble aesthetic to the landscape. The Earth Structures Group are great to work with. I am happy to refer them for any residential or commercial project using stabilized rammed earth.

High thermal mass

Our energy efficient rammed earth walls of minimum 30 cm thickness provides great protection from extremes in climates. The walls collect heat from the sun during daylight hours and release the warmth during the night, when the outside temperature sinks, which makes for a very slow heat/cold penetration. This allows the internal temperature to remain stable, with warmer feelings during the winter and cooler in the summer than outside temperatures. An economic and environmental advantage.

Environmentally sustainable

Rammed earth is one of the most sustainable materials available. It has around 70% reduction in embodied energy compared to bricks, a high thermal mass, and as our modular formwork system can be removed and reused during several decades we also produce minimal waste during the construction phase. There's further no firing process, resulting in zero kilns, zero toxic emissions and zero greenhouse gases.

Load bearing

Our strong rammed earth walls are load bearing and don’t need any core filling, reinforcing or other structural framing. The massive structural panels add substantial bracing to the fabric of a building and can withstand significant point loads such as roof beams, verandah beams, floor beams and bracing beams. Rammed earth constructions around the world are still standing more than 1,000 years later, e.g. the Alhambra in Grenada in Spain and sections of the Great Wall of China.

Maintenance free

Our rammed earth walls are maintenance free and have a unique off-form finish as they express sedimentary compaction lines that inform a simple and natural texture for which the material is famous. There is no need to finish with plaster, wallpaper or tiles, saving both energy and money during construction and throughout the life of the building.

Fast build-time

30 years of optimising our rammed earth construction process allow us to build faster than brick walling. The walls are built as a series of independent “monolith panels” made using pneumatically compacted layers of blended quarry aggregates, cement and waterproofing admixtures. We use specialised ‘Stabilform' formwork that is stripped each following day to reveal massive, beautiful and durable walls.

Design assistance

We work closely with architects, designers, structural engineers and builders in order to provide the most current advice available to help achieve ideal rammed earth construction outcomes. Our assistance is free and covers structural design, projects scheduling and cost estimates for both residential and commercial buildings.


Although it’s been around for millennia, rammed-earth construction—layers of granite and soil, compacted into solid walls—is making a surprising reappearance in multimillion dollar homes.

- Wall Street Journal


AsaDuru is a specialist modern rammed earth builder in South Africa and we deliver rammed earth walls in an exclusive partnership with the Australia-based Earth Structures Group. The Earth Structures Group are pioneers and world-leading in rammed earth construction, with an extensive track record of delivering 1,300 + rammed earth projects in Australia, Europe and Asia over the past 30 years.

Earth Structures Group is effectively a global company. Due to this unique structure, the Group can easily direct and apply experienced site supervisors to wherever it is needed. Hence, it allows us to confidently apply the proven technique of Stabilised Rammed Earth as a specialist subcontractor in the African markets. In that way, we can also provide the same high levels of quality and workmanship that has made Stabilised Rammed Earth so successful in Australia and elsewhere. Earth Structures Group has built on everything from residential projects such as luxury homes and student accommodation to public buildings like a high-security jail, churches, synagogues and universities and to commercial projects as wine estates and resorts.

Below: One recent commercial rammed earth project featured on the cover of Architect's Journal UK. Read story here.